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Twenty years after the beginning of multiracial democracy in South Africa, the Born Frees—the first generation of the so-called rainbow nation—have come of age. While they have inherited a free country from parents who have fought long and hard against apartheid, theirs is a story of growing up in a democracy that is complex and young. They grapple with enormous issues—access to education, gang violence, corruption, HIV/AIDS, and income inequality, to name a few. More than half of the nation’s 18-25 year olds are unemployed. 

Photographer Krisanne Johnson has been awarded a 2014 Getty Images Grant for Editorial Photography for her project ‘South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Youth.’ Read more about Krisanne and the project here.

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Me and my sister hanging out before I move and she gives me 3 rules 1) I cant call her bruv or blood 2) i can’t threaten her with grapes 3) I can’t talk about football manager


sign painters by jay b sauceda

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This is the page for all my art, seem to be getting a few more notes on tumblr but this page is just about my work, really appreciate everyone’s support and hope you all like the work i’ve been doing since graduating, cheers !